ЈРБ АД БEOГРАД - Кнеза Милоша 82

Jugoslovensko rečno brodarstvo

Jugoslovensko recno brodarstvo AD Beograd (Yugoslav River Shipping) is one of the 5 largest and most developed shipping companies on the Danube. As to the international inland freight transport, JRB is the number one in Serbia.

JRB's major business activity is freight transport by inland waterways.

JRB also successfully implements:

Agency services in 7 agencies/representative offices (6 of which are in the Republic of Serbia and 1 abroad)
Repair of ships and equpement for river navigation,
The issue of passenger ships with crew,
Renting office space,
Towing the vessels in need,
Tank cleaning services for shipping companies.




JRB AD, Beograd is proud to present video presentation of a part of it's fleet and display multiple types of cargo transport on the Danube in Serbia. In a movie you can enjoy the navigation of push boats Karadjordje, Kajmakcalan, Orasac, Raska and a self-propelled tanker Zemun convoys, and panoramic views of the Danube. In this way JRB wants to promote water transport and its advantages, and to show the beauty and challenges that can only be experienced on the river.


grbJRBredizajniranJRB AD Beograd
(Yugoslav River Shipping)

Kneza Miloša 82,

11000 Beograd, Srbija
Tel. 011/3617-040

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