ЈРБ АД БEOГРАД - Кнеза Милоша 82

Jugoslovensko rečno brodarstvo

Jugoslovensko recno brodarstvo owns two self-propelled vessels:

1.   ''Zemun'', a self-propelled tanker, and
2.   ''Deligrad'' for transporting containers and other kinds of dry cargo.



Ship Power (kW) Cargo space (tons)
Zemun 661 1246
Deligrad 1276 1892

Samohotke_1Self-propelled vessel Deligrad

Technical data:

Year of construction 
Power 1276kW
Length 95,06m
Width 11,05m
Height 3,20m
Draught 2,70m
Mass 684,09t

zemun_pupinov_most_1Self-propelled tanker Zemun

Technical data:

Year of construction 
Power 661kW
Length 79,98m
Width 9,09m
Height 2,78m
Draught 2,67m
Mass 326,04t

grbJRBredizajniranJRB AD Beograd
(Yugoslav River Shipping)

Kneza Miloša 82,

11000 Beograd, Srbija
Tel. 011/3617-040

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